The Vienna based soul, funk and R´n´B band Mashiko – sharing their name with a Japanese city known for it´s pottery – impresses with free flowing grooves, smooth, soulful vocals and top-notch compositions.



David Sladek – Vocals

Gregor Bishops – Vocals

Sebastian Antosch – Guitar

Gunther Schuller – Organ

Stephanie Weninger – Keys, Synth

Moritz Holy – Bass

Max Legat – Drums


It all started in 2015 when three best friends, the founding members (Sebastian Antosch, Max Legat and Moritz Holy), so to speak, had the privilege to make music on the annual „Donaukanaltreiben“. Despite the rain, not only the water but, above all, more and more people streamed in front of the stage, making the evening a special experience and at the same time the starting point for a musical vision. And as fate would have it, „Mashiko“, Sebastian’s sister’s dog, also died that evening and was reborn at the same time: The band „MASHIKO“ saw the light of day. In 2017, the band expanded when Stephanie Weninger and Gunther Schuller added analog and digital sounds to the missing pieces of the puzzle. For their debut album called „To The Sky“ the two exceptional vocalists Gregor Bischops and David Sladek joined the creative process. The result is a mixture of heavy funk, soul and r´n´b songs with strong rhythms, rich harmonies and beautiful melodies.